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Philadelphia youth and families have equitable access and culturally-meaningful supports to promote behavioral health, resiliency, and holistic wellness at home in the community.

Our Mission: Listen. Connect. Empower

To provide a monthly forum where local neighborhood families, youth, providers, and community partners are able to listen and learn from one another.

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Meet the Facilitators

Danielle Blanco — Youth Community Facilitator
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” that’s how Danielle Blanco feels about life. A Philadelphia native, Danielle has seen the effects that gentrification, drug use, poverty and corruption has had on her community and she uses her combined expertise and experience to be a positive change and help whoever she comes in contact with. Since leaving her corporate career in 2018, Danielle has shared her talents and gifts with many non profits, most recently Community Behavioral Health as a Youth Facilitator. Having experienced the loss of a parent at a young age, Danielle thrives on giving back and promoting healthy healing stating that “One must do her part to make the world a joyful place.”

Sheila E. Johnson — Family Community Facilitator
Sheila is a Family Navigator with lived experience for the Department of Behavioral Health in the Community Wellness Engagement Unit. She supports families and community members by connecting them to services, providing resources, training on advocacy, resume writing, preparing for job interviews, IEPs and 504s to parents. She has received two service awards for the work she does with families and the community in Philadelphia. Sheila’s hard work and dedication is evident from the compassion she demonstrates in the work she does.

First as a Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) in school-base and then as a Behavioral Health Worker (BHW) in the Therapeutic Nursery at the Delaware Avenue Main Building where she provided coping skills, positive behavioral and verbal skills, and a structured, safe environment in a therapeutic setting for the children who attended. Sheila volunteers and participates at Second Macedonia Baptist Church for their Community Day Event, Children’s Crisis Treatment Center Round-up and Cruise for the Kids.

Sheila believes in empowering the community with knowledge and advocacy skills. She truly believes “Knowledge is Power” and “Build up not Break Down.” She strives to ensure all people have a right to a better quality of life.

Dr. Benita Tillman — Family Community Facilitator
Dr. Benita Tillman is an experienced Educator, Community Organizer, and Group Facilitator. Driven by her love for the community, she takes pride in providing the best support possible. As a Family Facilitator, her goals include empowerment, support, encouragement, learning, and to teach. In addition to her primary job functions, Benita has been recognized by Brendon F. Boyle member of Congress in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community. 

Aaron Kittreles — Youth Community Facilitator
Aaron Kittreles is a person of lived experience within the behavioral health and child welfare system. He is a Youth move veteran who uses his lived experience within the system to inspire hope and confidence in other youth and youth advocates to take a stand for what they believe in most as well as to go further than what their upbringing dictated. Aaron is the youth co facilitator for the Kensington and south Philadelphia areas where he works hard to listen connect and empower the communities he serves

Lamar Davis — Youth Community Facilitator
Lamar Davis is excited to be a part of something great in the community where real change is affected. Lamar is a 24-year-young Youth Facilitator that has lived in Philadelphia his entire life. He can’t wait to meet and collaborate with people in Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

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