/Youth M.O.V.E. Philly Takes D.C.

Youth M.O.V.E. Philly Takes D.C.

Youth MOVE Philadelphia (YMP) recently participated in the national System of Care Training Institutes in Washington, D.C. The Philadelphia chapter of Youth MOVE was selected to host two workshop presentations at this nationally recognized forum for children’s behavioral health care.

Each workshop highlighted the partnerships YMP has created within the community. The first workshop entitled, “Transforming Philadelphia System of Care from the Inside Out” highlighted the work of Philadelphia’s Yale University LET(S)LEAD Fellows, Shaiheed Days (YMP Coordinator) and Steven Jackson (YMP Consultant). Their project focused on creating equal partnership and leadership opportunities for young people with lived experience who can respond to an organization’s needs by garnering input from the larger community.

In the next workshop, Days and Jackson along with YMP’s Aaron Kittreles and Engaging Males of Color (EMOC)’s Gabriel Bryant presented, “A 10 Year Partnership: Youth MOVE Philadelphia and Crisis Intervention Trainings with the Philadelphia Police Academy.” YMP has been an influential partner in supporting positive relations in the community and championing the social and civil responsibility of mental health awareness. This workshop focused on Philadelphia’s response to educate and support police officers in their engagement with individuals with behavioral health diagnoses. Presenters shared how YMP members and police officers engage in dynamic improv and dialogue about cross cultural and inter-generational communication, crisis de-escalation, and best practices in engaging specific populations with behavioral health diagnoses in the community.

To learn more about Youth M.O.V.E. in Philadelphia or to find out about the ways that you may get involved, contact:
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