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For Family

We realize the enormous amount of time and energy that it takes to raise a child(ren) with complex emotional and behavioral challenges and possibly multiple system involvement.

For Youth

Philadelphia System of Care is working towards creating an experience with young people that builds a safe and culturally aware space for youthful leaders.

For Providers

Achieving positive results in mental health often requires supports, services, and coordination from many different agencies and organizations.

The System That Cares

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the help you need for a youth or young adult with behavioral health challenges. The right programs and services are not always easy to find, especially in times of crisis. Eligibility criteria can be confusing and often a youth or young adult’s needs do not fit neatly into a single box that can be addressed by one agency or system. Without support, and a helping hand from caring people who are familiar with “the system,” the road to wellness and recovery can be a long one.


Children with behavioral health needs or those who are vulnerable to developing behavioral health issues require services and supports that are effective, coordinated, and culturally and linguistically competent. Their families need information about where to find resources and services and have the right to be treated with dignity and respect by all providers and systems.

Our Mission

The mission of the Philadelphia System of Care is for every youth and family in the city of Philadelphia to be able to easily access a collaborative network of behavioral health services and supports that partner with youth and families to reach their goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is for youth and young adults who experience significant emotional and behavioral challenges and their families to thrive and be successful at home, in school and in their communities.

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Valarie Oulds Travels to Nigeria for #YALI2019

In April, our very own Valerie Dunbar traveled to Nigeria on a Reciprocal Exchange to collaborate with #YALI2018 fellow Omotoke Olowo on a conference on supporting children with autism, both at home and in the classroom. With the help of colleagues from Department of

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