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For Providers

Some of the services we are pleased to offer and support include:

Children’s Crisis Services

Mobile crisis teams provide de-escalation and stabilization services to children and youth with serious behavioral health challenges in their family homes, foster care or therapeutic foster care. Crisis services are “resolution-focused” and work to help address the concern where it is occurring.

Specialized Behavioral Health Homes

These homes offer intensive behavioral health services for children and youth who would otherwise require treatment in a residential facility. With the support of trained caregivers, youth are provided with comprehensive care for behavioral, social, and emotional concerns within a small, friendly home setting.

High Fidelity Wraparound

The Wraparound process is an effective approach to planning that focuses on family and youth strengths to coordinate the services and supports needed to help them reach their goals. During the wraparound process, a team of individuals who are relevant and important to the well-being of the youth (e.g., family members, neighbors, school staff, service providers, and agency representatives) work together to develop and implement develop an individualized plan of care. The team meets monthly to monitor progress and modify the plan as needed to meet the family and youth’s goals.

To learn more about High fidelity Wraparound in Philadelphia click here.